PT. GRESTENAN RAMADHANI is the partner of choice for professional guidance of planning, sourcing and managing capabilities, partnerships and processes.

We are committed to being the best partner and helping you in providing
 Software DevelopmentSystem Analyst, Tester Quality Assurance
and IBM Machine Provider. We are a company engaged in the OUTSOURCE field and have been established since 2005. Grestenan brings together the best technologies to address critical client business imperatives. It helps clients eliminate boundaries, collaborate in new ways, establish their customers’ trust and continuously seek improvement.

Software Development Outsourcing

we can help you to build your software application. we can help you developing or adjusting your application running on your system with various programming language such as Java, Kotlin, Visual  Basic, GoLang, and other programming language. we also provide programmer outcourcing to meet your need in developing your own application.

system ANALYST

As an IT outsourcing service provider, we are committed to expand our business reach in the field of IT outsourcing services. Now, we can also provide you with highly trained system analyst to help you analyze system problems and designing and testing standards and solutions on your system, to improve computer systems for your organization and its clients, with the level of service performance that you demand.


Grestenan provides quality assurance and software testing for software development to optimize the efficacy of software development and create a report to enchance the quality of the end product and bring to customer a great software they need.

ibm machine provider

Our commitment to provide you with a secure, reliable and cost-effective operational hardware. We provide and support wide range of IBM AS/400 and other system hardware, parts, upgrade, maintenance, and a variety of rental plans depending upon your needs. We also have highly trained human resources that are capable to work 24 hours operation mean that we are close to where you are.

our clients

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Be expert Programmer, QA, System Analyst and learn many things with us, Let’s join right now !!

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Need programmer for develop system, choose with min experience 5 years and competent in here !!